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Application for Startup Recognition

No Letter of Recommendation (LoR) from Incubator required to apply for Startup Recognition and/or Income Tax benefits. We will act as your authorised representative and help you get the Startup Recognition, once you fill the Interactive Form below 
Check Package details for more details.
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If you fail to get Startup Recognition Certificate, we shall refund the full Professional fees within 30 days.
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  • Apply & Generate Token
  • Pre- Approval
  • Payment
  • Work In Progress
  • Download Final Output

Application for Startup Recognition

Price: ₹ 15000

Package Details


1. To Initiate the Process, fill out the Interative Form below.

2. Fields are mandatory. Refer to Tool Tips icon (?) for better understanding of the field.

3. Once you Submit the Form, your application will be sent for Pre-Approval and

you will receive a Token Number on the screen as well as on the Contact number and

Email ID provided in this form. 

4. Our Inhouse Team of Professionals shall verify the documents to analyse the

feasibility and Time frame of the assignment based on documents submitted and

pre-approve the application. Once pre-approved, you will be notified and you

can Proceed for the Payment. Hence no Payment is to be made at time of Application.

5. After successful Payment, the Application shifts to Work-in-Progress mode. Our

Team of professionals will start working on the Deliverables and Query, if any will be

intimated and also shall appear in Work in Progress Tab.

6. Once the Assignment is completed, the Final Copy of Deliverables will be Available

for Download Online and the original set if any shall also be couriered to your Address.

7. You can know the status of your application any time using Token Number by

clicking Track Application Status provided on the Side Panel of any Product.



  1. Our team shall prepare a Writeup for you on the basis on preliminary details provided
    from your front to best fit your idea into the definition of Startup to qualify for
    benefitsunder DIPP as well as provisions of Section 80IAC of the Income Tax Act.
  2. Our team shall also make an Application on behalf of the Startup on the
    GovernmentPortal and take a regular follow up action.
  3. Once you make an application through us, you also receive a free Subscription to E-
    Newsletter to update you about various Startup challenges, Pitch sessions etc
    across India.

Fields marked with (*) are mandatory.

Name of the contact person for all future communications
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Email ID for all future communications
Please furnish the exact name of the Proposed Startup
                As per the New Definition of Startup
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