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Salaried Individuals


We offer our unique Package to Individuals to fulfil their Income Tax Return filing needs.

The user can Register and Login online and file his return within minutes by himself. Our Software is very easy to use with user friendly navigation system and has a direct Linkage with Government Server through Authorized E-return Intermediary. So the return submitted on this website is deemed to have been submitted to Income Tax Department and you shall get your Acknowledgement of return in your Login Account as well as e-mail.

What more, we have an Tax Consultant online to help you out with your queries to make sure that you do not miss out on any of the tax benefits.

  • At present we have our Software to cater to the following Individuals :

  1. Salaried Individuals having any one or more of the following source of income ( Form Sahaj ):
  • Income from salary
  • Rent Income from one House Property
  • Income from dividend, interest , agriculture etc.
  1. Business persons covered under 44AD having one or more of the following source of income ( Form Sugam ) :

  • Income from business having turnover less than 60 lakhs.
  • Rent Income from one House Property.
  • Income from Salary.
  • Income from other sources like Interest, Dividend etc.