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Prepare a Pitch Deck

Prepare a Pitch Deck

Get your business plan prepared from a team of experts at TaxOrigin. Please fill the details in the form given. Our executives will contact you very soon.

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For now, payment is only accepted via walllet payments through our payment gateway - ccavenue or Account transfer/PayTM.

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  • Apply & Generate Token
  • Pre- Approval
  • Payment
  • Work In Progress
  • Download Final Output

Prepare a Pitch Deck

Price: ₹ 5000

Package Details


1. To Initiate the Process, fill out the Interative Form below.

2. Fields are mandatory. Refer to Tool Tips icon (?) for better understanding of the field.

3. Once you Submit the Form, your application will be sent for Pre-Approval and

you will receive a Token Number on the screen as well as on the Contact number and

Email ID provided in this form. 

4. Our Inhouse Team of Professionals shall verify the documents to analyse the

feasibility and Time frame of the assignment based on documents submitted and

pre-approve the application. Once pre-approved, you will be notified and you

can Proceed for the Payment. Hence no Payment is to be made at time of Application.

5. After successful Payment, the Application shifts to Work-in-Progress mode. Our

Team of professionals will start working on the Deliverables and Query, if any will be

intimated and also shall appear in Work in Progress Tab.

6. Once the Assignment is completed, the Final Copy of Deliverables will be Available

for Download Online and the original set if any shall also be couriered to your Address.

7. You can know the status of your application any time using Token Number by

clicking Track Application Status provided on the Side Panel of any Product.



We will be happy to provide you a presentation containing the details mentioned below.
Slide 1 – Company Purpose
Name and Contact Details of the Company
Define the company/business in a single declarative sentence.
Slide 2 - Problem
Describe the pain of the customer (or the customer's customer)
Outline how the customer addresses the issue today.
Slide 3 - Solution
Demonstrate your company's value proposition to make the customer's life better.
Show where your product physically sits.
Provide use cases.
Slide 4 - Why Now
Set-up the historical evolution of your category.
Define recent trends that make your solution possible.
Slide 5 - Market Size
Identify/profile the customer you cater to.
Calculate the TAM (top down), SAM (bottoms up) and SOM.
Slide 6 - Competition
List competitors
List competitive advantages
Slide 7 - Product
Product line-up (form factor, functionality, features, architecture, intellectual property).
Development roadmap.
Slide 8 - Business Model
Revenue model
Average account size and/or lifetime value
Sales & distribution model
Customer/pipeline list
Slide 9 - Team
Founders & Management
Board of Directors/Board of Advisors
Slide 10 - Financials or its extracts
Balance sheet
Cash flow
Cap table
The deal

Fields marked with (*) are mandatory.

Name of the contact person for all future communications
Mobile number for all future communications
Email ID for all future communications
How do you see yourself and your Venture after 5 years
                You need to get the meanings of the above terminologies clear before you apply to Startup India Scheme.
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