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Process for Service Tax Registration



The application for Service Tax registration has to be filed via  ST-1 FORM  which can be  submitted online.

1.    First of all assessee has to login on ACES website. Assessee has to fill the ST-1 FORM which he will get under REG tab.

2.    On applying for Service Tax Registration online , an assessee is required to take a print of the ST-1 FORM and relevant document to the Commissionerate with whom you are registering yourself.

3.    The Superintendent  shall after verification of ST-1 FORM either grant the service tax registration certificate  (ST-2) to the assessee or send intimation for non acceptance of Service Tax Registration.

4.    If either of the above 2 option is not exercised within 2 days  by the Superintendent , the Service Tax Registration shall be deemed to have been granted.

How TaxOrigin Can Help you in Registration of Service Tax ?
  • TaxOrigin can help you to register your business with Service Tax authorities within 6 to 12 days subject to Government processing time.

  • Experts from TaxOrigin shall understand the specific requirements regarding your business and based on various inputs shall fill up and submit Form ST 1 online.

  • On getting the signature on Form ST 1 and collection of supporting documents, our team shall assist you for verification of documents and Form ST 1 with the Service Tax Department who shall in turn allot the Service Tax Registration number in form ST 2.