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Sample RTI Application

The CPIO under the RTI Act 2005
Name of Assessing Officer (ITO/AC)
Income Tax Ward/Circle No………….
Mr. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(Full Name and address as in PAN/IT Return)
Telphone –
Mob -
Email -
Dear Sir,
Application for information under Sec 6(1) of the RTI Act 2005
I, Mr. ______________, a Citizen of India hereby apply for the following information under the RTI
Act 2005
Enclosed is a photocopy of my Income Tax Return for the Financial Year XXXX-XX (AY: XXXX-XX)
submitted on ……………… to your Ward/Circle No………… My PAN Nr. is…………………………
In the mentioned Income Tax Return, I had claimed a refund of Rs. …………………….
As on date, I have not received the said refund order along with the detailed calculation of the
refund and the interest payable thereon and nor has it been credited to my Bank A/C Nr……………with
………… ……………………… (Name and Address of Bank/Branch).
In this connection, please provide me the following information under the RTI Act 2005:
Information Sought:
1. A certified copy, of the “Citizens Charter” issued by your Department
2. As per the Citizens Charter, in how many days is the Income Tax Department supposed to
refund the excess income tax paid by the assessee and claimed in his IT return ?
3. Names, Designations, Office Address, Office Telephone Number, Mobile Numbers (in case
mobile provided and paid for by the office), of ALL the officers of the Income Tax department
who have seen my Income Tax returns and are supposed to process the refund claimed there
4. Name, Designation, Office Address, Office Telephone Number, Mobile Number (in case mobile
provided and paid for by the office) of the Officer with whom my Income Tax refund matter is
presently pending ?
5. The date since which the file/matter is pending with the Officer as identified in Item 4 above.
6. Please inform me the reasons under Sec 4(1)(d) of the RTI Act for the following, since I am
an “affected” person
             a) The file/matter to be pending with the officer as mentioned in item no. 4 above.
             b) The delay in refunding the amount as claimed in my Income Tax return under
7. Please provide me certified copies of any instructions received from any higher authority of
the Income Tax department or any other “Competent” Authority which has instructed the
assessing officer or any other officer to delay the refund of excess income tax paid by me in
my IT return under reference
8. Inspection of all files and records, including all file notes, concerning the processing of my
refund claim as mentioned above
9. The Name, Office Address, Office telephone number and Mobile Number of the Higher Officer
to whom a First appeal will lie under Sec 19(1) of the RTI act 2005
The CPIO is requested to note, that the information requested above, has not been submitted by me
to the Public Authority but has been generated by the department and/or is available on their
records. Therefore it does not fall under Sec 8(1)(e) – information submitted in a “fiduciary
Further, the information requested in this application is pertaining to me (the applicant) and is
therefore not covered under Sec 8(1)(j) or Sec 11 – personal or private information or third party
The CPIO is also requested to note that there is no sub clause in Sec 8 or Sec 9 of the RTI Act,
under which, a CPIO has the option, of denying information, unless it serves a larger “public
I am willing to pay any additional charges as determined by the CPIO under Sec 7(3), and
communicated to me with a reasoned order which includes detailed calculations which have been
used for demanding the extra amount to be charged.
In case the CPIO has any doubts on the information requested above or needs any further
clarification, he is free to call me on any of the numbers mentioned above, at any time of the day or
Please find enclosed IPO Nr………………., for Rs. 10.00, dated…………….payable to “Accounts Officer”
towards payment of Application Fees for this RTI Application. The payees name on the IPO is as per
DoPT Circulars F. No. 1/2/2007-IR dated 23 March 2007 and F. No. 10/9/2008-IR dated 05
December 2008.
Thanking You,
1. Copy of IT Return for the FY XXXX-XX (AY: XXXX-XX)
2. IPO Nr……………….for Rs. 10.00 dated………………..