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Our Process of conversion -

1. Professional shall provide Annual Report to Tax Origin by clicking on Apply for XBRL Conversion Online in

a. Word format, or

b. Excel format, or

c. Any other editable format

2. A Token Number shall be allotted to Professional on www.taxorigin.com for further exchange of information and consultation through our online System.

3. Tax Origin Team shall send a Questionnaire in the form of Additional Excel Template on the basis of our Preliminary Study which is to be filled and sent back.

4. XBRL Instance document shall be sent to Professional for proof reading and modifications suggested shall be incorporated.

5. Once approved by Professional and Company, the XBRL Instance documents shall be validated through MCA Validation tool and is ready to be attached with Form AOC 4.

*Alternatively, Tax Origin shall make necessary arrangements for certification as well as uploading of Form AOC 4.

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